How to be successful in Twitter. Part 12 – Pisces

link to Part 1: How to be successful in Twitter according to your zodiac sign

As we saw in Part 1, by using Twitter’s horoscope we can determine, what is the most successful role of a person in the social network, according to his zodiac sign.

Pisces also belongs to the zodiac signs that are prominent in Twitter’s horoscope that is because its Mercury is in Pisces. It is not a surprise that you are here, you like sharing your thoughts with others and surfing in the vast ocean if information. You will make friends, people who will support you or such that need support.

Pisces is located in the 4th and 5th house in Twitter’s horoscope. You feel at ease, and sooner or later twitting will become your favorite pastime. Have fun while tweeting from home, you could be very helpful to many of your followers. The number of people who follow you will increase imperceptibly, but this is not your goal. You are here simply for fun and because you like Twitter! Don’t forget: If Tweet is power, ReTweet is nuclear power

MOTTO: In Twitter I feel at ease.
WARNING: Do not forget that there are other ways to spend your time pleasantly
Most successful role in Twitter: To connect and entertain people

Top 5 Pisces in Twitter:
Justin Bieber @justinbieber
Rihanna @rihanna
Shaquille O’Neal @SHAQ
Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler
Tony Robbins @tonyrobbins

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