How to be successful in Twitter. Part 9 – Sagittarius

link to Part 1: How to be successful in Twitter using the potential of your zodiac sign

As we saw in Part 1, by using Twitter’s horoscope we can determine, what is the most successful role of a person in the social network, according to his zodiac sign.

There are two astrological reasons why we can say that Sagittarians feels at home in Twitter. In the horoscope of Twitter, Jupiter rises and the Moon is located in Sagittarius. There is no better place for you to share your thoughts, ideas and information. What Tweet is what you think, that is how you get followers.

The sign Sagittarius is located in the 1st and 2nd house in Twitter’s horoscope. You are proud of your Twitter profile and you are ready to promote it everywhere. While having fun and expressing your personality, you can improve your financial situation, even if it was not the reason for you to register in the site.

MOTTO: I share my knowledge.

WARNING: Others also have what to say and share. Listen to them.

Most successful role in Twitter: To educate and promote yourself and others.

Top 5 Sagittarius in Twitter:

Taylor Swift (@taylorswift)
Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ)
Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks)
Alejandro Sanz (@AlejandroSanz)
Rafinha Bastos (@rafinhabastos)

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