How to be successful in Twitter. Part 10 – Capricorn

link to Part 1: How to be successful in Twitter using the potential of your zodiac sign

As we saw in Part 1, by using Twitter’s horoscope we can determine, what is the most successful role of a person in the social network, according to his zodiac sign.

Capricorn is not among the important signs in the horoscope of Twitter. Perhaps in the beginning you thought that this site was just for fun, nothing serious. But sooner or later you noticed the business opportunities that it offers to you. If information is money then ideas are priceless! More contacts and followers means more options for development, this is what guides you in Twitter.

The sign Capricorn is located in the 2nd and 3rd house in Twitter’s horoscope. The things you say in Twitter are important to the people who follow you, whether you realize it or not, it forms their value system. The time you spent to inform and educate people, sooner or later will be profitable to you in the form of money. Set your goals and define them in your Twitter profile and you will find your followers. Respond to each person that @replies you.

MOTTO: More contacts – more options.

WARNING: Twitter requires free time – do you have such?

Most successful role in Twitter: Businessman. The information gathered here can be of a great use for you.

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