About Kiril

Kiril Stoychev was born in Bulgaria in 1970. He is an economist but his vocation is to be an astrologer. Chairman of the Bulgarian Astrology Association and founder of the astrological school “Astro-logos”. He is a lector with a long term experience, author of the books “How to achieve anything you want in 6 days”, “Evolution of the relationship” and many astrological articles.

Due to his knowledge in astrology, he has been constantly invited to speak in the most popular TV shows, radios and newspapers. Some of his astrological researches are about the correlation between aspects of the planets and events like earthquakes, economy crisis, nuclear accidents, hurricanes and more. He also works as an advisor, in the spheres of marriage, human relationships, personal realization and career success. His Bulgarian internet site astrohoroscope.info is visited by more than 20 000 people each day.


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  1. Hello Kiril, Ive only been studying astrology a short time ive looked at both vedic and tropical astrology my question regards eltanin i wish to know were i can see it on a chart so i can work out the degree of orb of interest and back check it from previous times its made financial markets hiccup. kindly Neal

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