Astrology and Nuclear power

Astrological factors connected with the up rise and problems of nuclear industry
This report was presented on the 8th national astrological conference of the Bulgarian Astrological Association on the 11.06.2011
Author: Kiril Stoychev

The reason to do this research was the nuclear crisis in Fukushima nuclear power plant. When it comes to a nuclear accident, the first thing that comes to my mind is the date 26.04.1986, Chernobyl, the explosion of its fourth reactor due to human mistake. In Fukushima the reason for the accident was the massive earthquake with a magnitude of 9 on the Richter scale. But when we are doing an astrological research on an event we must start from the beginning, the moment of “birth”.

In 20.12.1951 at the National laboratory of the Ministry of Energy, USA for the first time a nuclear reactor produces enough electricity to power up a simple four 100watt lamp system.

Here is the astrological chart of that moment:

Let us now see the astrological chart when the accident in Chernobyl occurred:

Now let’s see if the two charts have any similar aspects. Yes they have, there is a sextile aspect between Pluto and Neptune, on the 20.12.1951, its orb is 0.00, on the 26.04.1986, its 0.14.
I have reviewed Chernobyl chart many times but always underestimated this aspect because it could be observed in almost every astrological chart made for the period between 1945 and 1995.

The key is the exact sextile of 60.00 degrees between Pluto and Neptune when nuclear energy was “born”.
I started to study the cycle of these two planets, which is the longest one in the mundane astrology – 492 years. Pluto has been related to nuclear energy but Neptune, till this moment has never been so far. Everyone knows about the element Plutonium but few, that there is an element Neptunium, a radioactive metal, which is the first trans-uranium element to be found. I would say that the role of Neptune in astrology is not so widely researched, so I will bring up something new about it.
The conjunction of the two planets on 02.08.1891 represents the beginning of the cycle. The chart below shows the exact moment:

We see the conjunction forms a sextile aspect with the Sun. Using Symbolic Directions, where 1 degree = 1 year, we see that 1891+60=1951 – the year when nuclear power is “born”.
This key is applicable to other important moments as the birth of nuclear energy, Hiroshima bombing, and the accident in Chernobyl.

In the chart above, Hiroshima bombing, we can see the directed Saturn is in an aspect square with Mars, 0.30 orb.

In the chart above, the moment when nuclear energy was born, the directed Neptune and Pluto are in a conjunction with Mars 0.04 orb.

The chart above shows the conjunction between Neptune and Pluto in 1891 drawn with the coordinates for the location of Chernobyl. We can see that the directed Pluto and Neptune form a exact conjunction at the cusp of the 8th house, and its ruler – Mercury is in a exact opposition (0.22 orb) with the conjunction.
If we put the transit charts for these dates on the chart from the conjunction in 1891 we will again find exact aspects that will match the events.

The question is could we used this chart to predict the accident in Fukushima?
Let us see – we build a direction for the date 11.03.2011

The accident happened 120 years after the beginning of the cycle (1891), so most of the directed aspects are trines. We see a directed Mars in opposition with the conjunction of Neptune and Pluto from 1891, a negative aspect with an orb of 0.03 on the day of the accident 11.03.2011.
Therefore from an astrological point of view, a nuclear accident can be predicted but it is far more difficult to anticipate where it will happen.

If we make a chart of the conjunction from 1891 with coordinates of the capital of the country we are interested in (in our case this is Japan/Tokyo), the results are very interesting. The cardinal axes of the chart will play the role of factors that will determine the location of the event (The accident in Fukushima).
Let’s see:

The directed Ascendant is in conjunction with Uranus (0.08orb). This is an aspect that predicts a sudden and devastating tragedy will affect Japan.
Let us see if the method works with another date – 06.08.1945 – Hiroshima bombing.

In this case Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant and the IC, is in conjunction with Uranus (0.06 orb) and Mars is in square with Saturn with 0.30 orb. Again this tells us that a sudden and devastating event on the territory of Japan might happen.

However if we want to predict future locations where nuclear accident might occur using this method, we need to make charts for every country producer of nuclear power and study their aspects. This would require a huge amount of efforts and work but it is not impossible.

Phases of the Neptune-Pluto cycle:
Every cycle has phases that include major and minor aspects that the planets form. The conjunction of Pluto and Neptune and its following minor aspects till sextile are connected with a series of scientific discoveries which enable the development of nuclear industry (nuclear bombs and power plants).

Conjunction – beginning of the cycle: 02.08.1891
-1895 Wilhelm Roentgen discovers the roentgen rays.
-1896 French scientist Henri Becquerel discovers the radioactivity.
-1896 Marie Curie studies the ability of Uranium ores to ionize air. She and Pier Curie manage to measure the intensity of the radioactive rays.
These discoveries mark the beginning of the nuclear era.

Semi-sextile 30 degrees – 1915-1919
-December 1915 Einstein publicities his Relativity Theory.
-June 1919 Ernest Rutherford discovers, that the atom’s nucleus (in his case Nitrogen) when irradiated with alpha-particles transforms in a nucleus of another chemical element (in his case oxygen). This is the world’s first synthesized nuclear reaction.

Semi-square 45 degrees – 1930-1933
-1932 The discovery of the neutron and the process of nuclear fission.
-1933 Ernest Rutherford and M. Olyphant prove the law concerning the mass and energy in nuclear reactions.

Septile 51`25 degrees – 1937-1941
-1938 Otto Hahn splits the Uranium atom using neutrons and performs the process of fission of the chemical element Uranium.
-A series of discoveries follow up, that later help for the creating of the atomic bomb.
-1941 the element Plutonium is found and project Manhattan begins (dedicated to making the first atomic bomb).

Sextile 60 degrees – the most lasting aspect.
Chronology of the aspect:
-1945 – the aspect goes into 3 degree orb.
-22.01.1950 – first exact aspect.
-1950-1956 – series of exact aspects.
-1976-1986 – series of exact aspects.
-May 1986 – the last exact aspect of the 20th century.
-1994 – moves out of the 3 degree orb.
-2020 – enters in a 3 degree orb again.
-2026-2032 – again series of exact aspects.

The graphic shows the sextile of Pluto and Neptune and the events connected with the exact aspect. The place where the sine wave crosses the horizontal line is the moment of a exact sextile.

Red line – the birth of nuclear energy – 20.12.1951, 0.00 orb.
Yellow line – The first nuclear accident with a reactor – a partial meltdown of the core of a Uranium reactor in Canada, 0.07 orb.
Blue line – The first fully operational NPP (Soviet Union) – 27.06.1954 – 0.07 orb.
Green line – The first serious industrial accident, Kishtim, SU – 29.09.1957 – 0.04 orb and another nuclear accident in Great Britain on the 07.10.1957 – 0.09 orb.
An interesting fact is that, when NPP Chernobyl opened and started to be exploited on the 26.09.1977, Neptune and Pluto again form a exact sextile aspect of 60.00 degrees!
Another interesting thing is that on the first exact aspects of a serie, the event is kind of positive but on the last exact aspect the event is negative, for example the accidents in Kishtim and Chernobyl.

The present:

-Now Neptune and Pluto are again in a aspect septile – 51`25
-2002-2011 – Time for scientific discoveries but for nuclear accidents also.
-11.03.2011 – septile Neptune/Pluto, 0.20 orb – the Fukushima crisis, marked with a red line. The accident happens only a month after the exact septile in the series of septiles between Neptune and Pluto from 2002 to 2011. Again we can confirm that the last exact aspect is critical.

The Future:
We can predict the near future of the nuclear industry by the repeated aspect septile in 1937-1941, 2002-2011 and the repeated aspect sextile in 2026-2032.
The discoveries from the first period prepare us for the nuclear era, the discoveries from the second; prepare us for the thermonuclear era. On 26.11.2006 in Paris the contract for the project ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) was signed. The astrological aspect between Neptune and Pluto at that time is septile – 0.12 orb and it is marked on the graph with a green line.

ITER is an international project, aiming to demonstrate scientific and technical capabilities to create a controllable thermonuclear synthesis. The contract is signed by the EU, USA, Japan, China, India, South Korea and Russia. The advantage of this synthesis is the usage of Deuterium found in unlimited quantities in sea water as an energy source. Moreover it is an ecological safe way to produce energy.
An interesting fact is that the first researches on the thermonuclear synthesis began in 1951-1956 when Neptune and Pluto had a series of exact sextiles.

The nuclear reactors today produce energy by using the fission of uranium (a heavy metal with a high atomic number). In the thermonuclear process light elements merge, and a vast amount of energy is released. Similar processes occur in our Sun and in the cores of the other stars. Our goal now is to control this process here on Earth. When will it happen?
Knowing the aspects of Neptune and Pluto I assume that it will happen in the period between the years 2026-2032 because the next sextiles will occur then.

The far future:
From 2061 to 2065 there will be a series of square aspects between Neptune and Pluto. In my opinion the last nuclear reactor will shut down then but we will have to handle the problems that the radioactive waste will cause. I expect that there will be serious environmental issues due to cataclysms or human mistake.

• The cycle of the planets Pluto and Neptune is the main astrological indicator for the development of nuclear industry.
• The chart when the two planets conjunct on 02.08.1891 can be used to predict future events concerning nuclear industry.
• The role of Neptune in the mundane astrology is underestimated and it must be further studied.


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