Astrological aspects of the economic crisis

Author: Kiril Stoychev

Written and published on October 30, 2008,
Varna, Bulgaria

Following the second principle of Hermes which states: “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below”, we can assume that the global financial crisis is reflected in the sky. So let us find the astrological aspects, factors, planets and stars that can reveal to us the regularities of the financial crisis cycle.

In the course of this research for a starting point I will take the moment that marks the beginning of the so-called “Great Depression”, October 24, 1929. This day is known as the “black Thursday”, because the stock prices suddenly took a sharp turn down; due to this many investors suffered great losses. The following Monday and Tuesday – 28th and 29th of October are called “black” days too. Even though the crisis started in the USA, soon the entire world was affected and it continued around a decade.

On the October 28, 1929, Saturn, which in the classical astrology is associated with loss, crisis and constrains, is located at 26 degrees and 42 minutes in Sagittarius, and it is in conjunction with the star Eltanin*, located at 26 degrees and 58 minutes in Sagittarius. This star is from the constellation Draco, and according to the ancient astrologers, it is associated with shame, disgrace and loss of prestige. The Russian astrologer Paul Globa says that it has a destructive influence and symbolizes lust for power, greed and mass hypnosis. The last definition is particularly important for the behavior of economic agents before the crisis and shortly thereafter, when stock trading is extremely dominated by rumors about unreasonably high and unreasonably low share price expectations.

The conjunction of Saturn with the star Eltanin, in my opinion is the astrological factor that triggered the economic crisis in the ninety thirties. When making the horoscope of a person we do not pay much attention of conjunctions with the fixed stars, although the charts of some celebrities often have conjunctions of these stars with their personal planets. But when looking at events that affect the world, conjunctions of the heavy planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) with the fixed stars are the main factors that will help us predict major world events.

Let us now look at the present world economic crisis (the article is written in 2008), which again begins in the USA. If we track the stock indexes we will see that their downfall begins in the end of 2007, immediately after their peak on October 9, 2007, when the “Dow Jones” index reaches a value of 14 164 points. Only after a month and a half it felt to 12 743 points on the November 26, 2007. If we look at the locations of the planets on that date we see that Pluto is at 27 degrees and 47 minutes in Sagittarius in conjunction with the star Eltanin (28 degrees and 00 minutes) in Sagittarius. The planet Pluto symbolizes crisis and destruction so its conjunction with the star from Draco marks the beginning of the crisis, similar to the one from 1929. The mortgage crisis began in the USA which, some economic analysts defined as the start of the present economic crisis.

Pluto continued with its slow movement on the degree scale of the zodiac and in 2008 entered Capricorn, in a distance of 2-3 degrees from the star Eltanin. The economy stabilized and in the middle of 2008 it seemed that the crisis has passed. However planets have also a retrograde motion. If we observe them from Earth, the planets slow their motion, stop and for a moment start to move backwards on the degree scale of the zodiac. In April, Pluto started to move retrograde and again closed on Eltanin. In September it is in a conjunction with Eltanin again, with an orb lesser then 0.30 degrees. At this moment the crisis started again, with the bankrupt of the “Lehman Brothers” company.

This conjunction marks the onset of the downward trend of the economic indexes in the USA, which in the end of September transferred to the capital markets in Europe and Asia. These events are similar to those from 1929, except of the difference that now not Saturn but Pluto is in conjunction with Eltanin. This means that we are in the beginning of a new global economic recession.

Only two events can’t determine such an outcome, it could be “coincidence”. Let us check when another heavy planet moved through this point. On the October 19, 1987 Uranus conjuncts with Eltanin, and that day is known as a “black Monday”, because the stock indexes felt down with 22% only for one day, this marked the beginning of an economic crisis that lasted for 3 years. The influence of Uranus is reinforced by Saturn, which crosses the 28th degree of Sagittarius, in the end of 1987. At that moment Uranus is in conjunction with Eltanin (orb of 4 degrees), while Chiron is in an exact opposition with Eltanin and in conjunction with the star Betelgeuse (Orion constellation).

So we can draw an axis that resonate the economic processes, it splits the zodiac into two, starting from the 28th degree of the sign Gemini (there is the star Betelgeuse) to the 28th degree of the sign Sagittarius ( there is the star Eltanin**). I will name this axis, “Axis of the economic crisis”. We can look at this axis as a very sensitive string and when touched by heavy planets, it releases negative trends in the world economic development. In particular, in the USA, as the leading market player in the global economy, that is why the table below shows the periods of economic recessions in the US.

Event………………Years……….Duration…..Astrological aspects at the beginning of the crisis
Crisis from 1797…1797-1780…3 years……Saturn conj. Betelgeuse
Crisis from 1819…1819-1824…5 years……Uranus and Neptune conj. Eltanin
Crisis from 1837…1837-1843…6 years……Chiron conj. Betelgeuse
Crisis from 1857…1857-1860…3 years……No conjunctions on the axis
Crisis from 1873…1873-1879…6 years……No conjunctions on the axis
Crisis from 1893…1893-1896…3 years……Lilith conj. Eltanin
Crisis from 1907…1907-1908..2 years…….Pluto conj. Betelgeuse
recession 1918….1918-1921…3 years…..North Node conj. Eltanin
Great depression..1929-1939..10 years….Saturn conj. Eltanin
Recession 1937….1937-1938….1 year…..Chiron conj. Betelgeuse
Recession 1958….1958…………1 year…..Saturn conj. Eltanin
Oil crisis 1973……1973-1974….2 years….Saturn conj. Betelgeuse
Stock market
crisis 1987………..1987-1990…3 years……Uranus conj. Eltanin, Saturn conj. Eltanin
market crisis……..2002-2003…2 years……Saturn conj. Betelgeuse
Present crisis…….2008………………………..Pluto conj. Eltanin

Almost every economic crisis in the USA during the past two centuries has occurred when the heavy planets (Uranus, Saturn, Chiron, Pluto) were in conjunction with “Axis of the economic crisis”, formed by the stars Eltanin and Betelgeuse.
From the four mentioned planets, Saturn has had the most contacts with the axis. In the 20th century every conjunction is followed by a crisis. Only two conjunctions are not marked in the table – from 1914 and 1943, with Betelgeuse, but those were the times of the two World Wars, eventually followed by an economic collapse.
More severe consequences are cause by the conjunctions of the heavy planets with the star Eltanin.

Conclusion 1:
The conjunction of Pluto with Eltanin in 2008 marked the beginning of the economic crisis. If we compare with the crisis from 1907, when Pluto is in Conjunction with Betelgeuse, we will see that the economic crisis then continued 2 years, so this is the minimum length of the present crisis.

Conclusion 2:
Astrology is a science that can accurately predict and study the global economic processes. We can expect the next significant economic crisis when the next conjunction of Saturn with Eltanin occurs, during 2017. Critical for the global economy will be the conjunction of Uranus and Saturn with Betelgeuse during the period 2031-2032.


Analysis of the economic crisis from 2002 and 1987
Prognosis of the next crisis – 2017

Written and published on July 26, 2010
Varna, Bulgaria

Analysis of the crisis from 2002:

I start from this crisis because it is marked by the crossing of Saturn over the axis and its conjunction with Betelgeuse in 2002. Now let’s look at the exact dates and the value of the “Dow Jones” index at those dates, because this index can serve as an indicator for the condition of the US economy.

On September 3, 2002 Saturn closes on Betelgeuse with an orb of 1 degree. The “Dow Jones” index starts to fall, on September 23, is the first exact conjunction with the star and we can say that the crisis is in its full swing.

On October 9, Saturn becomes stationary and then begins to move retrograde, at this moment the index reaches its lowest point, after that it starts to go up. Followed up by a second conjunction on October 31, 2002 and on February 25, 2003 a third one happens. At the time of the third, Saturn again is stationary and starts to move direct. Near that date the “Dow Jones” index drops to a very low value again, and starts to gradually increase.

On March 25, 2003 is the last conjunction, after that on June 2, Saturn has distanced itself at 1 degree from Betelgeuse. At that moment the index value is 9000 points, the exact same value as in the beginning of the crisis in September 2002.

We must note that the effect of the conjunction between Saturn and Betelgeuse is felt when the conjunction has an orb of 5 degrees (July 2002) – that is the first serious drop of the “Dow Jones” index.
The stationary phase of Saturn occurs when it is in conjunction with Betelgeuse (0.20 orb), which furthermore aggravates the situations and causes the extremely low drop of the index.

Analysis of the crisis from 1987
The main focus during this crisis is on Chiron and Betelgeuse, supplemented by Saturn and Uranus.

On August 23, Chiron enters an orb of 1 degree before the exact conjunction; the index “Dow Jones” at that time reaches its highest value in months, and starts slowly to fall. On September 18, Chiron is in an exact conjunction with Betelgeuse, the index reaches its lowest point in the last two months. There is a slight increase till October 6, when Chiron is stationary. Then followed by a sharp two-week decline till October 27, when Chiron again conjuncts with Betelgeuse.

In January 1988, Uranus and Saturn make conjunctions with the star from the other side – Eltanin. Chiron acts as the main factor for the triggering of the crisis, due to the fact that Chiron first made a conjunction on this axis.

When will the next crisis occur?
My prognosis is that the next global economic crisis will come in 2017.

In 2017, Saturn will make a conjunction with Eltanin again. This already happened in 1929 – Great depression, 1958 – recession and 1987 – stock market crisis. On April 7, 2017 Saturn reaches 27 degrees and 47 minutes in Sagittarius and becomes stationary while in a (0.23’ orb) conjunction with Eltanin (28.10’ Sagittarius). It is possible during that mouth the crisis to break out and the “Dow Jones” index to suffer a considerable drop. Saturn will move retrograde and then start moving direct. Then it will reach an exact conjunction with Eltanin on December 4, 2017 – this is the second possible moment for the Betelgeuse-Eltanin axis to become active. We can expect a drop in stock prices and/or a financial crisis, which will continue till the end of 2018. The crisis will start in the USA, but soon after, the whole world will be affected, similar to the 2008-2010 crises.

* The star Eltanin – also known as Gama from Draco. It is an orange giant of a spectral type K5 and it is located 148 light years away from our solar system. Eltanin is the brightest star in the constellation Draco.
**Due to the swinging of the earth’s axis, called precession. The stars also move extremely slow and change their ecliptic length over time. In our example, from 1929 to 2008 Eltanin has moved along the ecliptic with 1 degree and 07 minutes.

Ebertin, Fixed Stars and their interpretation, 1971
Astrological chart are made with the program ZET 7

The graphics for the “Dow Jones” index are taken from The astrological remarks are drawn by me.

astrologer Kiril Stoychev, chairman of the Bulgarian Astrology Association



  1. Thankyou Kiril for advising of this research. I am not a specialist in economic cycles and I do not employ the same methodology as you but it is always interesting to compare methods and conclusions

    • Tamzin, does your research confirm that there will be a crisis in 2017? If you have different conclusions, you can link me yours.

      • L.ouise M.cwhirter, the great stock markert astrologer who uses the moon cycle has same prediction as you 2007-2008 and then end of 2018/beginning 2018

  2. Obviously, you are right…

    It looks like this Betelgeuse-Eltanin axis when activated by Trans-Saturnian planets, is felt on the economic activity.
    On the other hand, like a personal observation ’29 crisis Uranus (Aries) was squaring Pluto (Cancer) exactly like we have now during 2012 : Uranus (Aries) square Pluto (capricorn) ==> this is as well a crisis sign.

  3. Thank you Kiril for publishing your research. It is complimenting the study I have been doing on the stock trading methods of W.D Gann.Your conclusions appear to be accurate. My study appears to show that the minor planet Mars also has a similar affect on going conjunct Eltanin for around one month leading into the event.
    Is there a way for an amateur like myself to find out the exact position of Eltanin and Betelgeuse on a daily basis as I have been unable to access this information

  4. Thank You Kiril for this inspired analysis. Do you have any theories as to why the October 1929 crisis did not begin a few months earlier when Saturn crossed the Axis in June 1929

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