How to achieve anything you want in 6 days

Do you think it is impossible to acquire a skill or an ability you always wanted in only 6 days? Do you think you can’t achieve one of your dreams in 6 days?

Well, this book can prove you wrong!

Kiril Stoychev, one of the most proficient astrologers in Bulgaria, chairman of the Bulgarian Astrological Association, shares with his readers how they can fulfill their dreams and reach their goals in a short time. The book will change your way of thinking, enlighten you for a lot of things concerning contemporary society and inspire you to change your life. You will find out that it is actually very simple, but only few know the secret, that you need 6×24 hours to make your wish come true.

What will “How to achieve anything you want 6 days” teach you?

• How to control and manage your time
• How to balance your inner self and reach spiritual growth
• How to succeed in your undertakings in 6 days

Think of all the times, you dreamed about having abilities and skills, but thought that you can never acquire them. Think of all the times you said to yourself, “This is way too difficult, I will never learn to do it”. You CAN, everyone can make their wishes come true, all that is needed are some special conditions and guidance. This book will give you the required knowledge to do so. Prepare yourselves, because after you have read this book, nothing will seem impossible!

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